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There are certain situations in which people who have been found inadmissible by the United States immigration courts can receive waivers, called 601A and 601 waivers. There are several valid reasons for a waiver to be issued, and you should have your situation reviewed by our Virginia immigration attorney at once if you are facing removal proceedings, your foreign spouse has been denied a green card due to some form of "inadmissibility." Some may need to seek a waiver for a prior unlawful presence or have a final removal order or DHS order.

A 601 waiver can be sought to resolve this situation so that you can remain in the United States if your relative would suffer extreme hardship if you were forced to leave. The 601A waiver is a provisional unlawful presence waiver that allows you to remain in the country, but the application should be submitted immediately if you have been informed that you are subject to removal proceedings.

If you are not in removal proceedings and your case has been closed and has not yet been placed back on the calendar, you can seek a 601 waiver. If a visa has not been approved, a 601 waiver can be applied for so your relative can enter the country. If your spouse or other relative has been denied a visa, it is imperative that you contact our firm at once.

Waivers for Families

Families that have lived and worked in the United States for decades can suddenly come under the scrutiny of the immigration authorities, and face separation, with one or more family members deported to their home country. You may have married a foreign national, assuming that your spouse could easily gain legal status, only to have the spouse denied the ability to live and work in the United States due to some point that the authorities believe make him or her inadmissible.

At Fayad Law, P.C. we are dedicated to helping families stay together. We handle all immigration paperwork correctly to increase the chances of a positive outcome for our clients and their family members.

Extreme Hardship and 601 or 601A Waivers

The types of extreme hardship that could lead to a 601 or 601A waiver being issued include health issues, such as you or your family member requiring continual medical treatment or care. Financial hardship cases are also considered, as well as the personal hardships that will be suffered if the 601 or 601A waiver is not approved.

Other issues, such as education, could allow for a waiver to be issued, such as in cases in which you are currently involved in an educational program that if stopped, would have an extremely negative impact on your future earnings. Other issues such as language, religious beliefs, and similar matters could allow you to successfully gain a 601 waiver.

Contact Fayad Law, P.C. for more information about 601A/601A waivers.

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