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Advanced Parole in Virginia

Overview of Form I-512

Advanced parole refers to a document, an I-512, which is issued to aliens leaving the United States that do not have permanent residency. As such, it is not a re-entry permit. It is permission to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad and is usually issued to those individuals who have a pending application to adjust status to a permanent resident or change their non-immigrant status. Advanced parole is approved and issued before the individual leaves the United States, so in essence, it allows someone to leave the United States and come back while their application is pending.

The Virginia immigration attorneys at Fayad Law, PC are committed to assisting individuals with their immigration applications and status and can answer any questions you may have about advanced parole.

Who needs advanced parole?

You need advanced parole if you are an alien in the United States who must travel abroad and

  • has an asylum application or an application for adjustment of status pending
  • has been admitted as a refugee or has been granted asylum
  • has been granted benefits under the family unity program
  • has been granted TPS
  • has an emergency personal reason to travel abroad

The process for obtaining advanced parole begins with filing an I-131 application for travel document with your supporting documentation, photos, and the filing fee.

Advanced Parole Consultations and Information in Virginia

If you have any questions or concerns about traveling with advanced parole, please contact our office for a free consultation. We will be happy to explain the rules relating to traveling with advanced parole, and how it all pertains to your personal immigration status. With over two decades of experience and skill in assisting immigrants and non-immigrants, we are qualified to help in any immigration case.

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