Client Success Stories


A Triumph of Resilience and Advocacy: Celebrating the Client and Attorney Dariel Cancel’s Victory in Immigration Court

In the heart of the legal arena, where battles for justice and sanctuary are waged, the story of a courageous client and their champion, Attorney …

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A Journey to Freedom: The Transformative Victory of Scott Caslow for a Client Seeking Asylum

In the intricate dance of law and life, where every case is a mosaic of dreams, fears, and aspirations, immigration law shines as a beacon …

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Attorney Nash Fayad: Nurturing American Dreams into Reality

In the realm of immigration law, the journey from foreign national to U.S. citizen is a path often fraught with challenges and complexities. Attorney Nash …

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Attorney Aida Farahani at Fayad Law: Making American Dreams Come True

In the field of immigration law, Attorney Aida Farahani, based at Fayad Law, recently achieved a remarkable success story. Her dedication and legal prowess led …

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Attorney Scott’s Remarkable Triumph: A Six-Year Battle in Immigration Court

In the world of immigration law, where complex cases can span for years, Attorney Scott from Fayad Law has recently emerged victorious in a highly …

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