Nash Joseph Fayad

Founder and President

Nash Joseph Fayad

Founder and President

Nash Joseph Fayad is the Founder and President of Fayad Law, P.C. He was born on June 2, 1966 in Lebanon, the oldest of three children.

In 1986, Mr. Fayad earned a scholarship to the prestigious Russian People’s Friendship University in Moscow, Russia, where he received his Bachelor of Arts & Master of Laws Degrees with Honors in 1992.
From 1992 to 1998, he attended the Institute of States and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in June of 1998, he received his Ph.D. in Jurisprudence with Honors from the Academy with a specialty in International Human Rights Law.
While enrolled in his Ph.D. program, Mr. Fayad co-edited “Human Rights for the 21st Century” with Vladimir Kartashkin, the Chairman of the Russian Presidential Human Rights Committee.
In 1998, Mr. Fayad immigrated to the United States. In 2006, Mr. Fayad was sworn in as a proud United States citizen.
In 2002, Mr. Fayad earned his Master of Laws degree from the William and Mary School of Law in Williamsburg, VA. In July of 2003, he was admitted to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.
That same year, Mr. Fayad worked with the Catholic Diocese of Richmond Refugee and Immigration Services, representing indigent immigrants and refugees with their asylum and refugee cases.
Also in 2003, Mr. Fayad joined Affiliated Attorneys in Richmond, where he established the Immigration Law Division for the firm.
In 2004, Nash Fayad founded Fayad Law, P.C., a full service Immigration Law firm dedicated to the protection of the rights of immigrants in both family and business immigration cases, and to advancing the cause of human rights and the rights of all persons coming to America seeking freedom from persecution and greater opportunities for themselves and their families.
Nash Fayad lives in Chesterfield, VA with his wife, Susan. He has three sons and one daughter.

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Real Clients, Real Testimonials

Rizwan C.
02:24 22 Mar 23
Fayad Law, P.C. has a very knowledgeable team.Mr. Nash Fayad, Aida Farahani, and Oscar Herrera handled my case very professionally and with great attention to detail.Based on my experience, Fayad Law is a HIGHLY recommended immigration law firm.
Yasmin A.
13:27 17 Mar 23
My journey to become a permanent resident has been a bless after I hired Mrs. Aida Farahani from Fayad Law P.C. she laid everything out for me clearly and helped me every step of the way. I started from nothing, and Mrs. Aida worked very hard with me, even though I had short period of time to prepare all my documents. She was available any time I needed her (even holidays) and always made sure I was on top of what I needed to do. She treated me like a sister and guided me not only through this case but also gave me a lot of life advice. Mrs. Aida and Marla from Fayad Law, P.C. office were there for me in more ways than I can even imagine, and I am so thankful that I met them and could work with them. Mrs. Aida and Marla were passionate about my cases just as they were with me and was determined to come out of it successfully. They gave me the hope and confidence I needed when I thought that I couldn’t do it anymore. All Fayad law, P.C. staff were very friendly, helpful, and supportive. They are very understanding and helpful in all aspects not just for the case. Mr.Fayad is great listener, and he can lead you to the right route and successfully win any case even complicated cases. When it comes to Mrs. Aida, she is a great and friendly person and very smart lawyer, she can tell you from the beginning straight if your case is worth the time and money you are going to spend. Last but not least, the greatest person Marla, she will become your sister and friend, she is very warm person, fast and supportive. I really love and respect all the lawyers and staff at Fayad law P.C. They submitted my EB2 case in the end of November 2022, I got accepted in March 2023. Without them being accurate and consistent, I would never get my green card that fast. I recommend Fayad Law P.C. to anyone that needs immigration service, and I am very happy and lucky that Mrs. Aida represented me.
ali A.
13:31 16 Mar 23
Aida Farahani and Oscar Herrera they are the best immigration lawyers in the market right know they are working with Fayad low
Yaritza S.
13:07 09 Mar 23
Es un abogado muy profesional
aly E.
12:55 02 Feb 23
I had a free half hour consultation with Ms. Ingy Giurguis (who speaks both English and Arabic). In just 20 minutes, I had already changed my perspective about my file. It was an eye opening experience. I am seriously thinking of transferring my file to their office. Ms. Giurguis is knowledgeable, well experienced, and good hearted. She was honest with me. The whole thing was like a paradigm shift. This is not an easy thing to achieve, especially given my hard-to-persuade character! I am giving just 4 stars because I haven’t yet dealt with the office in depth. As soon as I do transfer my file, see how they really handle it, the thing I am sure they would do properly, I am going to Five Star Rating!
Ali A.
20:54 01 Feb 23
I highly recommend this place! They have an amazing legal team that provided an outstanding effort and care throughout the entire process. Thank you!
Marines C.
14:48 01 Feb 23
Working with Fayad Law has been the best experience anyone can have. Everyone was exceedingly professional, reliable and punctual to say the least. If I ever need immigration lawyers again, Fayad Law will be my choice!
Mary F.
22:05 30 Jan 23
Ahora cuentan con un buen servicio y buena amabilidad, 👍
Joanne A
18:15 26 Jan 23
From start to finish Mr. Fayad and his team did an outstanding job, I had a complicated case but Fayad law did all that they said they would do, to ensure I would be sucessful in my quest to become a legal permanent resident. Today I am happy to say I am! . Thanks to the expert and caring staff. Greatly appreciated.
Eyad W.
22:18 19 Dec 22
Thank you so much Oscar and Aida !
Jumana N.
12:24 04 Sep 22
I really recommended Fayad law team!Mr.Aida did Amazing job with my case!I’m so lucky that i was one of your clients!😍thanks for you and for the team who was working on my case!!
mohammed A.
15:47 01 Sep 22
The indication I have been seeing in Fayed law actively work with client and realistic.
Gavi Yaneth H.
02:46 15 Jan 22
Very friendly staff and communicative!! If anyone is in need of immigration help, this is the place to go! They make the process simple, quick, and easy. Thank you Fayad Law!
Moudy L.
21:57 12 Jan 22
To the point, great law office, friendlyThank u everyone
Eric G.
16:19 30 Oct 21
Amazing service
Rose D.
00:22 11 May 21
Nice place and friendly staff. Thank you Mrs. Marla for everything 🌺🌺
Ahmed A.
14:50 05 May 21
Fayad and everyone at his team have helped me and my family with our immigration issues/cases. I’m very impressed with their dedication and close attention to details. It’s a firm that has great knowledge and great customer service. I highly recommend this firm!
Alex Z.
15:40 18 Mar 21
Fayad law its a great firm very professional they made a great job With my case.
Andrey K.
19:34 17 Feb 21
Stellar immigration firm. Had a very pleasant experience, had multiple cases handled by Fayad Law and they were responsive, knowledgeable and effective. Especially Mrs Dosmanova – highly recommend to work with this attorney, speaks multiple languages too
Haya S.
04:24 23 Dec 20
I’m very happy to work with Ms. Ektrena she helped me a lot through out my case, I would Thank her very much 🙂
Christian B.
06:14 29 Jan 20
We’ve been using Fayad law for years. They’ve successfully helped us obtain approval for an I-130 and are working on various other things on our immigration journey. They’ve also represented us on various traffic matters. We began working closely with Jonathan White a few years ago and he has always been refreshingly pleasant. I am greatfulmfor this practice and truly value the service we have been provided at Fayad Law- I cannot express the gratitude for the kindness that has been showed to my family.
Andrea R.
02:49 23 Jan 20
Estamos muy agradecidos con la ayuda que el buffete nos ha ofrecido mi esposo fue detenido por ICE y fue procesada su deportacion de inmediato ..el llego a su pais de donde fue regresado a USA gracias a los abogados q detuvieron su deportacion…ellos lograron sacarlo con una fianza y estamos aqui Unidos en familia nuevamente …Gracias. Fayad Law por su apollo …vale la pena claro que si …🙏🙏🙏☺
Hany F.
21:53 22 Jan 20
I dealt with Ingy Girgis and she was beyond expectation in all matters , staff in the office are very helpful and cooperative. I realy recommend Fayad law office
Largo W.
03:19 09 Jan 20
Meilleur avocat très professionnel
Grace M.
04:03 01 Jan 20
Very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend his services.
Lilian R.
02:19 16 Dec 19
Nice place kind and friendly staff
Ahmed F.
14:38 10 Sep 19
This review is being written after a phone consultation with Mr. Fayad. Mr. Fayad is a well-informed and caring person who tries his best to help his clients and lead them down the right path. His staff are understanding and polite, as they helped me with an issue concerning the timing of the consultation as well as followed-up after to ensure if I missed anything or needed any further help with my legal issue.Overall, I recommend Mr. Fayad for anyone who needs legal advice or help.
Gary B.
17:30 30 Jul 19
Very helpful.
13:13 26 Jun 19
This review is specific for the front desk. The first face who greets you is Estaphania. She always has a smile and greets you warmly genuinely. She is attentive and seems like one who enjoys what she does.I can’t rate the legal work yet because I just signed my contract with Mr. Fayyad and am hoping for the best.
Ashraf H.
00:06 21 Feb 19
The best one ever, great mindset, very clever
Nermine F.
14:17 12 Oct 18
We done my mother case with Mr. Fayad we want to thank everybody in the office they such of great team special johnsan he such a very good lawyer .. honest person thanks for his great job …Very helpful
Ali AL L.
02:09 21 Dec 17
jc V.
03:12 26 Oct 17
Great Customer Service and knowledge about their business.
Nilza P.
22:55 16 Aug 17
He is some of the best immigration LawyerOf Virginia.I’m so happy with the results.
Frank P.
18:25 17 Feb 17
They assisted my company with an H1-B visa for a key employee. Found the firm to be expert and responsive to our needs and concerns throughout the entire process.
connie V.
15:31 25 Jan 17
The place to go if you have immigration issue

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