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Visitors who are seeking entry into the United States for short term business-related visits typically obtain what is known as a B-1 visa. The general purpose of the B-1 visa is to attend conventions, conferences, and other legitimate commercial and professional activities. It must be understood that the B-1 visa does not allow for a visitor to engage in local employment for hire within the United States. Negotiating contracts, meeting with business associates, and participating in scientific, professional, educational or business conferences, or appearing in court for ongoing litigation are the typical uses of a B-1 visa. In addition, foreign medical students who wish to visit the United States for unpaid observerships may be granted the B-1 visa for such purposes. The visa applicant must be able to show that the visit is to primarily benefit a non-US company.

It is also possible for personal or domestic attendants of certain non-immigrants and US citizens who hold international jobs to obtain a B-1 visa, as well as missionaries and ministers exchanging pulpits on a limited basis.

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If you are seeking to apply for a B-1 visa to visit the United States and have questions, or you are a manager with a company sending multiple employees to the United States, or a university abroad with multiple students planning to visit the US for such business-related purposes as set forth above, feel free to contact our office for an evaluation and a free quote. We have successfully handled the visa requirements and applications for large groups and can help you smoothly and easily obtain your visa or your visiting group's visas without delay.

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