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Alien-Child Immigrant Visas

Green Cards for Children of U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

At Fayad Law, P.C., we have Virginia immigration lawyers who work diligently to help U.S. citizens and immigrants reunite with their loved ones, including their foreign-national children who are living in other countries. If you are a U.S. citizen or who wants to bring your child to the U.S., you may be eligible to petition for an alien-child immigrant visa, which gives the child permanent residence under a green card. Here are the various types of children a U.S. citizen can petition for, according to USCIS:

  • Children who are under the age of 21 and unmarried
  • Son and daughters who are age 21 and over and who are unmarried, as well as their children
  • Sons and daughters of any age who are married, as well as their spouses and children

Permanent residents, on the other hand, can only petition for the following:

  • Children who are under the age of 21 and unmarried, as well as their children
  • Sons and daughters who are age 21 and over and who are unmarried, as well as their children

The amount of time it can take to obtain these types of visas varies with the age and marital status of the child. It is usually easier to obtain a parent-child immigrant visa for a son or daughter who is below the age of 21 and unmarried (technically considered a "child") since they then qualify for an Immediate Relative Immigrant Visa. A petitioning parent who is serving as the sponsor in an alien-child immigrant visa application can be a biological parent, a step-parent or an adoptive parent. In each case, the parent will have to provide documentation to prove the parent-child relationship.

Why should I hire a Virginia immigration attorney?

The alien-child immigrant visa application process requires a lot of paperwork. When you hire a lawyer, your legal representative can help you prepare this paperwork and ensure that everything is in order for the application to go through as smoothly as possible. This may help you avoid needless mistakes that could slow down the process or increase your chances of a denial. Our immigration legal team at Fayad Law is backed by more than two decades of combined experience.

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