How Do I Find an Employer Willing to Sponsor Me for an Employment-Based Visa?


One of the most common questions that we receive at Fayad Law is, “How do I find an employer willing to sponsor me for an employment-based visa.” We understand the significance of finding sponsorship for an employment-based visa because it is more than just a piece of paper.  It signifies opportunities and the ability to build a stable life for yourself and your family.  It also signifies many immigrants’ lifelong dreams of utilizing their skills and talents to create and leave a legacy. You should first check if you need sponsorship because you might qualify under EB-1 or NIW EB-2 for having extraordinary ability or an advanced degree. If you need sponsorship, please find below some helpful tips.

 We Can Make the Employment-Based Visa Process Less Complicated

We understand that the process can be overwhelming, especially for those navigating it for the first time. While we don’t sponsor individuals for visas, our experienced team is here to help you with the legal process and filing the necessary paperwork once you’ve found a sponsoring employer. 

Follow the steps below to find an employer that is willing to sponsor you. Book a consultation with one of our Virginia immigration lawyers to get more information on which employment-based visa is right for you.  Call Fayad Law today at 202-999-5346 to simplify the process of obtaining your employment-based visa. 

What Types of Employment-Based Visas Are Available to Foreign Nationals?

Employment-based visas allow foreign nationals to live and work in the United States for a specific employer. The most common types include:

  • EB-1: For individuals with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors, and multinational executives.
  • EB-2: For professionals with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in the arts, sciences, or business.
  • EB-3: For skilled workers, professionals, and other workers with at least two years of experience or training.

Each visa category has specific requirements, so it’s crucial to understand which one fits your qualifications.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a Sponsoring Employer

Finding an employer willing to sponsor your visa involves several steps. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Assess Your Qualifications

Before you begin looking for a job, assess your qualifications to determine which visa category you fit into. This will help you target the right employers and job opportunities.

  • Education and Experience: Make sure your education and work experience meet the requirements for the visa category you’re interested in.
  • Skills and Achievements: Highlight any skills or achievements that make you a strong candidate for the visa.

Step 2: Research Potential Employers

Once you know which visa category you qualify for, start researching potential employers who have a history of sponsoring visas. 

Target Companies: Look for companies with a track record of hiring foreign workers and sponsoring employment-based visas. Industries like tech, healthcare, and engineering often have higher sponsorship rates.

  • AI Tools and Job Boards: Use tools such as Perplexity.Ai, ChatGPT, LinkedIn, and use job boards like Indeed to conduct your research online.
  • Company Websites: Visit company websites to learn about their visa sponsorship policies and job openings.
  • Sponsorship Databases: Search databases, such as the H-1B Sponsor Database, to find companies that have previously sponsored visas.

Step 3: Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

A well-crafted resume and cover letter can significantly improve your chances of getting noticed by a potential employer. Consider having your resume updated by a professional resume writer or company that specializes in resume writing. Having a well-crafted resume that allows you to highlight your skills and qualifications can significantly increase your chances of landing a sponsoring employer in the United States. 

  • Highlight Relevant Experience: Focus on your skills and experience that match the job requirements.
  • Mention Visa Sponsorship: Clearly state your need for visa sponsorship in your cover letter. This helps employers understand your situation from the start.
  • Showcase Achievements: Include any awards, certifications, or significant achievements that make you a strong candidate.

Step 4: Network Effectively

Networking is a powerful tool in your job search, especially when looking for visa sponsorship.

  • Professional Associations: Join industry-specific professional associations and attend their events to meet potential employers.
  • LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to connect with professionals in your field and reach out to recruiters who specialize in visa sponsorship.
  • Job Fairs: Attend job fairs that focus on international students or foreign workers.

Step 5: Apply for Jobs

Start applying for jobs that match your qualifications and mention visa sponsorship.

  • Job Boards: Use job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to find job postings that offer visa sponsorship.
  • Direct Applications: Apply directly on company websites for positions that interest you.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Consider working with recruitment agencies that specialize in placing foreign workers. 

Step 6: Prepare for Interviews

Once you start getting interviews, ensure that you are prepared to make a strong impression.

  • Practice Common Questions: Be ready to answer common interview questions about your experience, skills, and why you’re interested in the job. Ask a friend for help who can help you prepare for the interview by role-playing. 
  • Discuss Visa Sponsorship: Be prepared to discuss your need for visa sponsorship and assure the employer that you understand the process and requirements.
  • Highlight Your Unique Value: Explain how your unique skills and background can benefit the company.

Step 7: Secure a Job Offer

When you receive a job offer, ensure it includes a clear statement about visa sponsorship.

  • Review the Offer: Carefully review the job offer to ensure it meets your expectations and includes visa sponsorship.
  • Consult an Attorney: Before accepting the offer, consider consulting an immigration attorney to ensure everything is in order.

How Fayad Law Can Help With the Employment-Based Visa Process in the United States


Fayad Law does not sponsor individuals for visas, but we can assist you with the legal process once you have a sponsoring employer. 

Our services include:

  • Consultation: Assessing your eligibility for an employment-based visa and advising you on the best course of action.
  • Paperwork: Helping you and your employer with the necessary paperwork and filings for the visa application.
  • Legal Guidance: Providing ongoing legal support throughout the visa application process.

Get Legal Guidance and Support for Your Employment-Based Visa Sponsorship Questions 

Finding an employer willing to sponsor you for an employment-based visa can be a complex and challenging journey. However, with the right approach and support, you can achieve your goal of working in the United States. If you have any questions or need assistance with your visa application once you’ve secured a sponsoring employer, contact Fayad Law today at 202-999-5346. We have locations in Fairfax and Richmond, Virginia. Our legal team is skilled in many languages including, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, and French. Let us help you take the next step toward your American dream.