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Explanation of the E Category of Nonimmigrant Visa

Individuals who are citizens of certain countries with which the United States participates in treaties of commerce and navigation are able to take advantage of the E nonimmigrant visa category in order to enter the U.S. for certain purposes. The list of treaty countries includes dozens of nations around the world. The E category includes the E1 visa for "treaty traders," as well as the E2 visa for "treaty investors."

Qualifications for an E1 or E2 Visa

In order to meet the eligibility requirements for an E1 or E2 visa, you must be planning to visit the U.S. for the purpose of either engaging in substantial trade or developing an enterprise in which you have invested a substantial amount of capital. Trades that may qualify for an E1 visa can include business in services or technology, such as in the fields of international banking, communications transportation, insurance or even tourism. The employer of an E1 trader must also be of a treaty country, and at least half of the company's international trade must be with the U.S. An E1 trader must hold an essential position within the company, such as a supervisor or executive, or must perform specialized skills that are critical to the entire operation.

The criteria for the E2 treaty investor visa are similar, with the addition that the number of funds to be invested must be substantial, and the funds must be subject to an irrevocable commitment and be great enough to ensure the success of the operation. E2 visas are not available for investors who are only bringing enough money to supply an enterprise large enough to support themselves and their immediate family or for speculative investment; the purpose of the visa is to facilitate investments that are sufficiently great and will have a positive impact on the U.S. economy.

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