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Que Pasa Article- December 2012

Mientras se espera la Reforma: Exención Provisional

El Servicio de Inmigración y Ciudadanía de los Estados Unidos de América, USCIS, anuncio este año una propuesta que permitirá que las familias permanezcan unidas dentro de los Estados Unidos durante el tiempo de solicitud de su ajuste migratorio, esta propuesta es conocida como “Exención Provisional”. La propuesta, permitiría a los esposos y/o hijos de Ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos el ajustar su estatus migratorio en los Estados Unidos sin tener que salir del país si cumplen con ciertos requisitos. De esta manera no tener que salir a su país de origen para solicitar un “perdón” ni esperar su ajuste migratorio. El solicitante deberá comprobar que su ausencia fuera de los Estados Unidos ocasionará un sufrimiento “cruel e inusual” a su familiar o familiares Estadounidenses. Una vez aprobada su ” Exención Provisional” el solicitante será entonces “pre-aprobado” y podrá viajar a su país de origen a completar y finalizar el proceso consular y obtener su visa de inmigrante para poder regresar legalmente a vi vir en los Estados Unidos. La “Exención Provisional” por presencia ilegal aún no está disponible para solicitantes. El Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos (USCIS), planean publicar una notificación de propuesta de reglamentación en los próximos meses y considerará todos los comentarios recibidos como parte del proceso antes de publicar una notificación final. Para más información y/o saber si usted tiene un caso potencial consulte con nuestros abogados y comienza a preparar su documentación.

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There are dozens of different types of visas available under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), but they can all be placed in one of two categories: immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. The former is for individuals who are hoping to establish permanent residency with a green card and perhaps even to pursue the path to naturalization and citizenship. The latter is for those who are only planning a temporary visit to the United States, such as for the purpose of conducting business or attending school.

The INA sets limits on the number of people who will be permitted to immigrate to the United States each year using certain types of visas, while other visas are unlimited. Family immigration visas for the immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are available on an unlimited basis, while there are annual quotas set for the relatives of lawful permanent residents and extended family of citizens, with a maximum quota of 480,000. The number of employment immigration visas is limited to 140,000 per year.

Pathways to citizenship include service in the United States military and adoption, but a large percentage of all people who become citizens do so through the process of naturalization. The basic qualifications for naturalization include:

  • Living in the U.S. as a permanent resident for 5 years (or 3 years for a spouse of a U.S. citizen)
  • Being at least 18 years of age
  • Living within the state where you will apply for citizenship for at least 3 months prior to the application date
  • Being physically present in this country for at least half of the past 5 years
  • Maintaining continuous residence in this country from the date you submit your application for naturalization
  • Being able to read, write and speak English
  • Have a basic understanding of U.S. government and civics

It is also necessary to supply evidence that you are a person of good moral character and are attached to the principles of the U.S. Constitution. We can assist you with proving these factors, as well as preparing your petition and helping you get ready for the tests.

In June of 2012, the Obama Administration directed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to begin applying a policy that is referred to as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Under deferred action, DHS is exercising discretion in its execution of the laws concerning deportation and removal of immigrants who are illegally present in the United States. Deferred action is not a change to the existing law, but is instead a change in the way that the law is being applied. You may qualify for relief under DACA if you were younger than 31 years of age on June 15, 2012, came to the U.S. before your 16th birthday, have continuously resided in this country since June 15, 2007 and are either currently in school or have already graduated from high school or earned your general education development (GED) certificate, among other criteria. With deferred action, you may be able to avoid being deported, though it does not grant any change of immigration status.

In its review of immigrant visa petitions, the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) weighs factors related to the ties that the prospective immigrant has in the United States and the reasons why he or she wants or needs to come to live in this country. For example, a family immigration petition will not be approved unless the foreign national has immediate relatives such as a spouse, mother or father, child or sibling already living here as a citizen or green card holder. An employment immigration petition is more likely to receive approval if the applicant has a job offer in this country and is coming to fill a position that cannot reasonably be filled from the local labor market. A foreign national who is fleeing persecution in his or her home country may be granted an immigrant visa as a refugee or asylee.

There are many strategies for challenging a removal action. If the proposed deportation is based on a criminal conviction, it may be possible to appeal the conviction in order to have it overturned. Another option is to petition for cancellation of removal, a type of immigration relief which is available to people who are of good moral character and whose deportation would subject a family member who is a citizen or permanent resident to extreme hardship. The key to success in stopping deportation is to take immediate action by hiring a Virginia immigration attorney from our firm as soon as possible. Contact us now at Fayad Law, P.C. for a confidential consultation and to let us get started on your case!

Fayad Law, P.C. maintains offices in Richmond and Fairfax, Virginia. We work with individuals, families, and businesses across the world, providing them with assistance in resolving the legal issues involved with helping their loved ones and employees to immigrate to the United States. We work directly with foreign nationals living abroad, guiding them through the process of obtaining immigrant and nonimmigrant visas for entry to the U.S.

Real Clients, Real Testimonials

Eda K.
17:36 07 Jul 24
My journey with Fayad Law started almost a year ago and we had one of the most stressful but successful journeys in my life together.I am a STEM scientist, and I was thinking about doing a self-petition for NIW, but the backlog forced me to try my chance for EB-1A because I didn’t have much time on my visa, and it was the only current option in the Visa Bulletin for me.I talked with many attorneys, and no one gave a chance to my case for EB1-A, and they pushed me to NIW (not to mention some of them didn’t even believe I would make it to NIW). Aida was the only one who listened and said we had a slight chance. No need to say we took that slight chance to the approval. Now looking back and realize things moved exactly like she described me during our first meeting which is an indicator of her experience in this field. Long story short, I was holding my green card a year after I signed the contract with Fayad to represent me.I would recommend Fayad because Aida was one of the most informative attorneys I had consulted during my research (it took me over a year to decide on an attorney) and I think she put my case together well to represent me to USCIS. I am most likely to continue the next steps with them as well.However, everyone going into a green card journey needs to take into consideration that this journey is not easy or short and every case is unique. There will be many ups and downs and most importantly you need to be on top of your case sometimes even more than your attorney does.I wish good luck to everyone!
Alonso M.
01:31 03 Jul 24
Muchas Gracias por el buen servicio proveído para arreglar mi situación migratoria.Siempre se mantuvo muy buena comunicación y siempre muy profesionales asta el último día.Le recomiendo este bufete de abogados a todo el que quiera arreglar su estatus.Gracias
Mena H.
00:24 03 Jul 24
I cannot recommend Fayad Law enough! The whole firm, most notably Attorney Aida was timely, professional, and thoughtful throughout our whole engagement. Attorney Aida went out of the way to always get back to us and make sure we understood our options and next steps. We had switched law firms multiple times and this was by far our best experience. Our consideration ultimately got solved and we could not have done this without the counsel of attorney Aida. I should also note how great it was to deal with Oscar at the firm. I highly recommend this firm, you will not regret it!
Yadira L.
19:40 02 Jul 24
Gracias a Fayad Law,P.C mi familia y yo hemos obtenido buenos resultados,y gracias a todo su equipo de trabajo, nos an brindado buena atención se los recomiendo,
Cecilia P.
11:39 25 May 24
Quiero agradecer a Dios y a los abogados de Fayad law gracias a ellos ahora mi hijo y mi sobrino ya tienen la visa juvenil, de verdad son muy buenos en poco tiempo lograron una respuesta a nuestros deseos. Gracias
ajmal S.
18:25 23 May 24
It was great to work with Fayad Law for a petition. They have been very cooperative, responsive and supportive. Also, they have great expertise in dealing with difficult legal issues related to immigration petitions. I recommend them to be an immigration law firm that you can rely on.
Engy A.
12:50 21 May 24
اتقدم انا وافراد عائلتي بخالص الشكر والامتنان والتقدير لمكتب فياض للمحاماة. علي جهودهم ذات الاحترافية، وتفانيهم تجاه قضيتنا بدئاً من الاستشارة الاولى وحتي حصولنا علي الابروف في قضية اللجوء الخاصة بنا، واخص بالشكر والتقدير كل من الاستاذة/ انجي جرجس و الاستاذة/ لارا فياض والاستاذ/ داريال وجميع افراد فريق العمل علي جهودهم الملموسه في تخطي كل العقبات التي مررنا بها خلال سبع سنوات وحتي حصولنا علي الابروف.. فإن كنت تبحث عن من يمثلك قانونياً… فلا تتردد فهم حقاً افضل من يمثلك.
bill P.
15:33 17 May 24
Thank God that we used the service of Fayad law office, my wife could not handle the officer interview by herself , Ma Aida Farahani presence ( The Lawyer) was very helpful and important helping my wife during the whole interview , we shall always recommend Fayad law Office service to anyone who has a case with the immigration and we are very sure they will handle it with care and professionalism to get the best positive results
23:48 13 May 24
Gracias primeramente a Dios por éste regalo tan maravilloso que nos dió, como lo es la RESIDENCIA PERMANENTE de Los ESTADOS UNIDOS, mi esposo y yo, no tenemos las palabras correctas para decir Gracias a todo el equipo del Bufete de Abogados de FAYAD LAW P.C., pero principalmente al Abogado Nash y a Marla Montero junto con sus asistentes por su experiencia, estrategia, y su arduo trabajo para llevar nuestro caso,creemos que no hubieran habido éstos resultados tan gratificantes, mil gracias!!!, desde el inicio hasta llevarnos a éste tan anhelado logro.100% Recomendable éste equipo de FAYAD LAW, P.C. te hablan con la verdad.
Fernando G.
19:34 10 May 24
Hello, quiero agradecer y recomendar a los abogados de inmigración de Fayad Law, P.C por llevar a cabo mis procesos migratorios y gracias a Dios ahora solo estoy esperando la cerominia para la ciudadanía
Andres Mauricio De Ossa B.
17:29 06 May 24
Quiero agradecerle a mi abogado Nasj J Fayad por su excelente labor y el gran trabajo de todo su equipo especialmente para su asistente la señorita Marla quien a puesto su disposición incondicional para todo este proceso,de verdad estoy muy agradecido con Dios y todos ustedes porque el día 22 de abril del 2024 me dieron la mejor noticia de mi vida y es que me llegó mi green card.Gracias Doctor Nasj y a todo su equipo.
22:06 02 May 24
Thanks a lot for your great efforts.
Deema A.
03:44 25 Apr 24
They are the best team to work with they did a great job, I got my citizenship through them. Omnia and Aida work so hard with meThank you so much Fayad Law!You are the best!
Edgardo O.
21:12 26 Mar 24
El abogado Fayad fue el único que nos dio una respuesta positiva y nos dio una esperanza y hoy 10 años después de empezar el proceso nos damos por satisfechos 100%
23:23 12 Mar 24
I had a great experience with Fayad Law, P.C. Mr. Fayad and his staff were very efficient, detailed oriented and highly professional. I highly recommend Fayaf Law for anyone who is facing immigration issues. Now all my family members are U.S. citizens.Mohammed Mashhad.
Helene D.
22:42 12 Mar 24
Thanks to Fayad Law firm I got my naturalization. The team is very caring, attentive to all the details and advises as much as possible. Thank you for your help.
15:41 12 Mar 24
احلى خدمات معاكم شكراً لكم
Izzy T.
15:31 12 Mar 24
Great experience
Christine A.
19:20 01 Mar 24
I would like to thank to all Fayad Law, PC team that helped me during my green card process. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. I had an outstanding experience. I recommend Fayad Law attorney services. I can’t thank enough how I appreciate your hard work to make everything done successfully. ( Oscar, Aida, valeria) you guys are amazing…!! Thank you.
Jafer K.
13:02 11 Feb 24
I am beyond impressed with Fayad Law! Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients are truly exceptional. From the initial consultation to the final resolution, their team provided top-notch service and support. Their attention to detail, thorough understanding of the law, and strategic approach resulted in a successful outcome for my case. I cannot recommend Fayad Law highly enough – they truly stand out as the best of the best! If you’re seeking outstanding legal representation, look no further!With Fayad Law, I am US citizenship now 🇺🇸
15:26 09 Feb 24
I am so happy with Fayad Law.We worked with them regarding Green cards for parents.Aida and Oscar are excellent, professional, knowledgeable, ready to follow up and response with great and on time advise.I recommend them to everyone.Thank you again Aida and Oscar
Angie N.
22:22 16 Jan 24
I had a consultation with Mr. Fayad. He made me feel very comfortable and took his time to listen to me as well as answer all the questions I had. When the time comes, they will be the firm I choose to move forward eith my legal needs.
hind M.
08:39 07 Dec 23
Great services Fayad Law was really helpful throughout my husband Immigrant application process.Thanks again to you all.
Joseph G.
15:07 23 Oct 23
Aida and Oscar were magnificent to us ! Always available! Step – by – step assistance. We truly felt they cared about us and our situation. Never once did they give us erroneous advice or information. The process is long and requires detailed compliance and completeness- Aida and Oscar guided us through it all AND continuously gave us HOPE for a successful outccome! An outcome we achieved!!!!!!!!!!
Iliana C.
21:29 26 Sep 23
Son una firma de abogados muy profesionales, Dariel Cancel y Rayza Blanco me prepararon excelente para mi corte final se cumplió el objetivo de ganar mi caso de asilo…!! Excelente firma los recomiendo!!!
Mo H.
08:52 16 Sep 23
I recently had the privilege of working with Dariel Cancel, and I can’t express how grateful I am for his outstanding legal expertise and dedication to my case. From start to finish, Dariel demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care for his clients.Dariel’s attention to detail is truly remarkable. He meticulously examined every aspect of my case, leaving no stone unturned. His ability to explain complex legal concepts in a clear and understandable manner made me feel confident and informed throughout the entire process.One of the things that stood out the most during my experience with Dariel was his unwavering commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. He went above and beyond to advocate for my rights and interests, and his courtroom skills are truly impressive.Moreover, Dariel Cancel and his team provided exceptional communication and support. They promptly answered my questions, kept me updated on the progress of my case, and made me feel like a valued client every step of the way.I am thrilled to say that with Dariel’s expertise, my case had a successful outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent me. If you are in need of legal services and want someone who is not only a great lawyer but also a compassionate advocate, I wholeheartedly recommend Dariel Cancel. He is a true professional who is dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients. Thank you, Dariel, for your outstanding work!
Deysi R.
02:17 03 Sep 23
Estoy tan Féliz que no se cómo darle mil veses gracias a este bufet de abogados en especial al abogado fayad y ala para legal argelia y a mina que siempre está pendiente de mi a Lara y a todos muchas Gracias por tener mi caso , hoy gracias a dios recibí mi permiso de trabajo el primero de muchos logros más que tendré primero Dios , amig@s si están pensando en contratar un abogado porfavor no lo pienses 2 veses be donde ellos que no te arrepentirás gracias muchas Gracias a todos ATT DNRM
Priest Gabriel G.
18:48 23 Aug 23
I want to thank Dr. Fayad and his great team for the professional work that they did for me and my family, they are very professional and did a great job .Thanks a lot
Russ S.
05:10 18 Aug 23
My husband and I are very pleased with the attention and care we received from the Fayad Law team — specifically from Aida and Oscar. They assisted us for both permanent residence and naturalization. They did more than just complete paperwork. We felt listened to, guided, and accompanied through our unique immigration journey. As well, their presence and advocacy for us at the naturalization interview turned a bureaucratic mess into a hiccup. Thank you, all!
Mari G.
22:49 14 Aug 23
Muy bueno 100% recomendado.abla con la verdad y todo el personal super bueno y atento🙏👍estoy muy contenta y satisfecha con todos mis resultados🙏
Nona M.
01:50 30 Jul 23
Maria M.
02:00 22 Jul 23
Oscar and team helped me through process my case in limited time. They were very helpful, especially Oscar he’s very attention to the detail, he worked above and beyond and he called me as soon as the office receive my greencard. Thank you Oscar and team!
oday H.
17:59 12 Jul 23
A very good lawyer interested in matters of marriageI try to be very quick to process
Maria M.
23:37 10 Jul 23
I had an exceptional experience with Fayad Law, P.C. and attorney Aida Farahani. Aida and her team of paralegals, especially Oscar and Mariana, were incredibly kind, helpful and quick to respond to emails. They provided excellent support throughout the entire process of my mother’s naturalization application, including the interview. Aida’s professionalism and reassurance, combined with the dedication and efficiency of her paralegals, made the journey smooth and stress-free. One thing that truly stood out was their clear communication regarding what we could expect at each step of the process. I highly recommend Fayad Law, Aida Farahani, and her amazing team for all immigration related matters. Thank you for your exceptional service.
Ali A
20:53 30 Jun 23
Very helpful and excellent lawyer. He worked very hard to win my asylum case and he showed confidence and experience. The best Lawyer!
Ahmed A.
15:03 30 Jun 23
I had the privilege of witnessing my brother’s triumphant asylum case, and I attribute much of his success to the remarkable skills of Dariel, his immigration lawyer. Dariel’s exceptional attention to detail, unwavering professionalism, patience, and punctuality were instrumental in securing a favorable outcome. I highly recommend Dariel’s services to anyone in need of an outstanding immigration lawyer.
Wannerges L.
21:46 29 Jun 23
Un personal amable y profesional
Jose M.
04:08 28 Jun 23
100% Recomendados muy atentos y responsables agradecido por sus servicios
Prisi V.
19:48 22 Jun 23
Buen servicio 👍
Adnan H
22:17 15 Jun 23
Working with Attorney Dariel Cancel was the best choice I made. Not only was he diligent and thorough throughout the entirety of my time with him, but his hard work led to success in my case today. I am grateful that I found this firm and had the privilege of working with such a bright and exceptional attorney. I truly believe his future is looking bright with all his successes. I highly recommend working with Fayad Law and entrusting Attorney Dariel Cancel with your case.
Lizzeth G.
20:45 07 Jun 23
Excelente servicio , Buena atencion. Amabilidad excelente
Vince M
20:49 06 Jun 23
Fayad Law, was very helpful with processing the papers to get my mother-n-law to join us here in the US.Very professionalThanks
Willian R.
19:27 05 Jun 23
excelente atención y repuesta en los casos migratorios. gracias .
Jose P.
18:51 05 Jun 23
Mi experiencia con fayad law hasta el dia de hoy a sido excelente porque me han mantenido informado como va mi proceso con inmigracion cuanto tiempo tengo que esperar y para mi me a parecido que hacen un buen trabajo y que me han brindado un excelente servicio
Sulema M.
22:54 02 Jun 23
Estoy muy satisfecha con los servicios del abogado Nash Fayad, muy buena atención y muy honesto, me saco mi permiso de trabajo, residencia y hoy gracias a Dios y a su eficiencia ya soy ciudadana de los Estados Unidos. Gracias Fayad LAW, P.C.
Ariela A.
23:02 24 May 23
excellent service. very good lawyer dariel cancel
Alirio U.
00:57 10 May 23
100% Recomendados muy atentos y responsables agradecido por sus servicios
Carlos H.
01:34 09 May 23
Isidro D.
14:00 05 May 23
Thanks to mr. Fayad .Marla and yaniz Rivera
Rubi M.
13:48 28 Apr 23
Son una firma de abogados profesionales y que recomiendo realmente me ayudaron a ganar mi caso. Ellos están muy bien informados en los temas siempre los. recomendare
phop D.
16:59 24 Apr 23
Aida Farahani And Oscar are the Best helpers best service thank you
Frank P.
19:14 04 Apr 23
We have worked with Fayad Law since 2014. Initially they helped us secure an H-1B visa for an employee, and recently that employee’s “green card” was approved!This was quite a journey, and a very big undertaking for a small business. Throughout it all they were there to guide us and make sure that we overcame all the many obstacles that were placed in our way.Thank you so much to Nash and your expert team. Your firm serves an important role in furthering the American dream, and we really appreciate you.
dorsa J.
12:20 03 Apr 23
Aida is the best , I highly recommended her . She is very knowledgeable. I had such a great experience with her . She helped me with applying for green card and K1 visa.
Rizwan C.
02:24 22 Mar 23
Fayad Law, P.C. has a very knowledgeable team.Mr. Nash Fayad, Aida Farahani, and Oscar Herrera handled my case very professionally and with great attention to detail.Based on my experience, Fayad Law is a HIGHLY recommended immigration law firm.
ali A.
13:31 16 Mar 23
Aida Farahani and Oscar Herrera they are the best immigration lawyers in the market right know they are working with Fayad low
Yaritza S.
13:07 09 Mar 23
Es un abogado muy profesional
aly E.
12:55 02 Feb 23
I had a free half hour consultation with Ms. Ingy Giurguis (who speaks both English and Arabic). In just 20 minutes, I had already changed my perspective about my file. It was an eye opening experience. I am seriously thinking of transferring my file to their office. Ms. Giurguis is knowledgeable, well experienced, and good hearted. She was honest with me. The whole thing was like a paradigm shift. This is not an easy thing to achieve, especially given my hard-to-persuade character! I am giving just 4 stars because I haven’t yet dealt with the office in depth. As soon as I do transfer my file, see how they really handle it, the thing I am sure they would do properly, I am going to Five Star Rating!
Ali A.
20:54 01 Feb 23
I highly recommend this place! They have an amazing legal team that provided an outstanding effort and care throughout the entire process. Thank you!
Marines C.
14:48 01 Feb 23
Working with Fayad Law has been the best experience anyone can have. Everyone was exceedingly professional, reliable and punctual to say the least. If I ever need immigration lawyers again, Fayad Law will be my choice!
Mary F.
22:05 30 Jan 23
Ahora cuentan con un buen servicio y buena amabilidad, 👍
Joanne A
18:15 26 Jan 23
From start to finish Mr. Fayad and his team did an outstanding job, I had a complicated case but Fayad law did all that they said they would do, to ensure I would be sucessful in my quest to become a legal permanent resident. Today I am happy to say I am! . Thanks to the expert and caring staff. Greatly appreciated.
Eyad W.
22:18 19 Dec 22
Thank you so much Oscar and Aida !
Jumana N.
12:24 04 Sep 22
I really recommended Fayad law team!Mr.Aida did Amazing job with my case!I’m so lucky that i was one of your clients!😍thanks for you and for the team who was working on my case!!
mohammed A.
15:47 01 Sep 22
The indication I have been seeing in Fayed law actively work with client and realistic.
Gavi H.
02:46 15 Jan 22
Very friendly staff and communicative!! If anyone is in need of immigration help, this is the place to go! They make the process simple, quick, and easy. Thank you Fayad Law!
Moudy L.
21:57 12 Jan 22
To the point, great law office, friendlyThank u everyone
Eric G.
16:19 30 Oct 21
Amazing service
Rose D.
00:22 11 May 21
Nice place and friendly staff. Thank you Mrs. Marla for everything 🌺🌺
Alex Z.
15:40 18 Mar 21
Fayad law its a great firm very professional they made a great job With my case.
Andrey K.
19:34 17 Feb 21
Stellar immigration firm. Had a very pleasant experience, had multiple cases handled by Fayad Law and they were responsive, knowledgeable and effective. Especially Mrs Dosmanova – highly recommend to work with this attorney, speaks multiple languages too
Haya S.
04:24 23 Dec 20
I’m very happy to work with Ms. Ektrena she helped me a lot through out my case, I would Thank her very much 🙂
Christian B.
06:14 29 Jan 20
We’ve been using Fayad law for years. They’ve successfully helped us obtain approval for an I-130 and are working on various other things on our immigration journey. They’ve also represented us on various traffic matters. We began working closely with Jonathan White a few years ago and he has always been refreshingly pleasant. I am greatfulmfor this practice and truly value the service we have been provided at Fayad Law- I cannot express the gratitude for the kindness that has been showed to my family.
Andrea R.
02:49 23 Jan 20
Estamos muy agradecidos con la ayuda que el buffete nos ha ofrecido mi esposo fue detenido por ICE y fue procesada su deportacion de inmediato ..el llego a su pais de donde fue regresado a USA gracias a los abogados q detuvieron su deportacion…ellos lograron sacarlo con una fianza y estamos aqui Unidos en familia nuevamente …Gracias. Fayad Law por su apollo …vale la pena claro que si …🙏🙏🙏☺
Hany F.
21:53 22 Jan 20
I dealt with Ingy Girgis and she was beyond expectation in all matters , staff in the office are very helpful and cooperative. I realy recommend Fayad law office
Grace M.
04:03 01 Jan 20
Very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend his services.
Lilian R.
02:19 16 Dec 19
Nice place kind and friendly staff
14:38 10 Sep 19
This review is being written after a phone consultation with Mr. Fayad. Mr. Fayad is a well-informed and caring person who tries his best to help his clients and lead them down the right path. His staff are understanding and polite, as they helped me with an issue concerning the timing of the consultation as well as followed-up after to ensure if I missed anything or needed any further help with my legal issue.Overall, I recommend Mr. Fayad for anyone who needs legal advice or help.
Gary B.
17:30 30 Jul 19
Very helpful.
13:13 26 Jun 19
This review is specific for the front desk. The first face who greets you is Estaphania. She always has a smile and greets you warmly genuinely. She is attentive and seems like one who enjoys what she does.I can’t rate the legal work yet because I just signed my contract with Mr. Fayyad and am hoping for the best.
Ashraf H.
00:06 21 Feb 19
The best one ever, great mindset, very clever
Nermine F.
14:17 12 Oct 18
We done my mother case with Mr. Fayad we want to thank everybody in the office they such of great team special johnsan he such a very good lawyer .. honest person thanks for his great job …Very helpful
Ali AL L.
02:09 21 Dec 17
jc V.
03:12 26 Oct 17
Great Customer Service and knowledge about their business.
Nilza P.
22:55 16 Aug 17
He is some of the best immigration LawyerOf Virginia.I’m so happy with the results.
Frank P.
18:25 17 Feb 17
They assisted my company with an H1-B visa for a key employee. Found the firm to be expert and responsive to our needs and concerns throughout the entire process.
connie V.
15:31 25 Jan 17
The place to go if you have immigration issue

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