Spouses of U.S. Citizens: Getting Legal Status

Virginia Immigration Attorney

It is well-known that in the United States, being a spouse of a U.S. citizen is the easiest and clearest path to gaining legal residency status, and eventually, citizenship. However, due to the regulations and requirements set forth by the Department of Homeland Security, even the process of obtaining citizenship through marriage to a U.S. citizen can be complicated, confusing and frustrating for a layperson attempting to navigate the waters of USCIS requirements.

At Fayad Law, P.C., we frequently see cases where USCIS has requested additional evidence, claiming that they have not received certain information which was already submitted in an initial filing, or requesting further information. Most of the time, a re-submission of the same evidence with a detailed explanation attached can remedy the situation and effectuate a granting of permanent residency status more quickly. A delay in your response, or a failure to provide exactly what the immigration authorities are asking for can stall the process, or create problems in finally getting legal status.

Avoid immigration delays by speaking with our Virginia family-based immigration lawyer.

If you are in the process of filing an initial I-130 petition, or you have already filed and received a Request for Additional Evidence, please contact our firm to receive an initial consultation on how to overcome the maze of regulatory requirements involved in obtaining permanent residency or citizenship. We are fully aware of how the immigration authorities operate, what they expect, and how to resolve the most difficult problems in immigration. These issues must be resolved quickly and correctly, with correct submission in every case. Laypersons can be stopped in their tracks with confusing requests, often about information that has already been submitted.

We have found that having an attorney of record communicating with USCIS often eliminates USCIS problems, and accelerates the approval process. Having a deep knowledge and skill in filing petitions and responses to RFEs after years of experience has allowed us to obtain citizenship for hundreds of our clients in a short period of time.

Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation so we can show you how we can help eliminate the delays and obtain your approval.