Climate Change and Immigration


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When you consider why a person would contemplate immigration, you might think of reasons such as economic hardship, government turmoil, or the goal of reunifying family members. But have you ever considered the role climate change plays in immigration?

Due to high pollution levels, the Earth’s climate has become more inhospitable over the decades. Massive typhoons, devastating earthquakes, major flooding, raging wildfires, and scorching temperatures that make outdoor work hazardous plague people across the globe.

Unfortunately, unless the world’s governments swiftly enact new environmental policies to protect and preserve our natural resources, the future appears bleak regarding global environmental health. And with sweeping climate change comes the need for migration.

Areas with more temperate weather and higher reserves of wealth are seeing an influx of immigrants seeking shelter and a new home. These people are called environmental migrants or “climate change refugees.” They migrate both internally, within their own country, or across national borders.

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Climate-Induced Displacement

The immigration infrastructure, as it is now, is unstable. In recent years, areas such as Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, have seen long-term climate change and subsequent severe weather that resulted in a significant loss of life.

Experts are projecting that by 2050, nearly four million people will immigrate from Central America and Mexico due to climate change alone.

Now add in the pre-existing socioeconomic instabilities and the newer economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Essentially, you have a perfect storm of situations forcing people from their homelands to migrate to safer areas, such as the United States.

What Can We Do?

Ultimately, we first need to be laser-focused on saving the people who are already feeling the negative effects of climate change. If you or a loved one needs assistance leaving your home country and immigrating to the United States, please contact our immigration lawyers at Fayad Law.

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Enacting Long-Term Policy and Aid Change

Climate change is more than an environmental concern—it is a humanitarian crisis.

If a geographic area is in a season of prolonged drought, farmers cannot produce their crops. Because of the aridity of the land and the pre-existing poverty levels and violence in the streets, these farmers might conclude that risking immigration is safer than staying and starving in their homeland.

Currently, immigrants who migrate due to climate change do not qualify as “refugees” by governmental and non-governmental organizations, so they do not receive the same benefits as immigrants with refugee status. Changing the policies to include those escaping climate crises in their native country for survival will help safeguard human rights.

Once Congress proposes new legislation to protect immigrants fleeing to the United States due to climate change, we can focus on the bigger picture of healing climate change globally.

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Halting the Climate Change Crisis

While finding ways to decrease the vulnerability of people to climate change might reduce the need for them to emigrate, attacking climate change at the source would be instrumental in controlling climate-induced displacement. Environmental researchers and humanitarian organizations estimate that by 2050, the world will have between 150-250 million people displaced by climate change.

To lessen the effects of climate change, the United States government can:

  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • Address its role as one of the largest polluters in the world and pass measures that would eliminate our use of fossil fuels
  • Implement technology such as high speed rail, solar fields, and container farming
  • Teach other countries about its technological advancements and offer financial aid
  • Help countries most affected by climate  change adapt, so their people do not have to leave, and catalogue the adaptation techniques to help future governments

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